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Virtual Patient Resources


Dear Patients and Professional Partner: 

International Pschology Centre recognizes that the outbreak of COVID-19 is particularly stressful for those struggling with and recovering from eating disorders, mood and anxiety disorders and substance use disorders. As the CDC's recommendation for "social distancing" and quarantines become the norm, it could cause our patients and alumni to isolate even further. 

The good news is that International Pschology Centers has many resources available right now that can provide valuable connection and support. We encourage you to connect your patients to these resources during this extraordinary time. 

We are always here to support you and your patients, so please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns by contacting us at Info@Psychology.com.my


Professional Relations Team 

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support groups

Support Groups: 

Your patients and their caregivers can take advantage of our virtual support groups. Our expert clinician team can answer questions, provide valuable resources and connect your patients with others in our recovery community. Additional virtual support groups will be added, so please check back to see what is being offered.

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Say It Brave
Say It Brave: 

We can’t say enough about this amazing community and the regular ongoing support and inspiration it provides. Say It Brave is a free and inclusive community for everyone. Every week an email is sent out from a different leader in the mental health community across the nation, providing stories of strength, resilience and authenticity. Say It Brave also provides free tools for mental wellness, from resources designed by clinical experts to webinars (check out our next one on March 26th) to weekly self-care and courage-boosting missions

Upcoming Webinar:
1st Asia Employees Assistance Professionals Conference – Tools for Survival and Support during COVID19 Pandemic |  Thursday, April 27-28th ,2020 at 9 am-5pm. EST 
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social media

Social Media Communities:

Our growing social communities of over 200,000 followers offer a collaborative and inspiring experience, with a dedicated group of community members who are supportive, especially needed in times like this. Patients can check out our social channels to find inspiration in the form of videos from our community members, positive quotes and resources.



Eating Recovery Center Blog: 

We have a rich tapestry of blog content that can serve many different needs: from education to inspiration. Our goal is to educate our readers so they can learn about eating disorders and mental health, as well as find hope and inspiration through stories from those who’ve found recovery.

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Family Support Center: 

International Pschology Centre has one of the largest and most active online communities exclusively dedicated to family and friends of those suffering from eating disorders and mood and anxiety disorders. Find tips, information, support and community to aid in the recovery process and support families along the way. 

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Stress Relief App: 

Feeling stressed lately? Try Stress relief App. Stress Relief is an App that provides a compilation of simple and quick relief for stress and anxiety. This app provides various different relaxation techniques and you can try 1 technique a day to cultivate a calmer and happier mind. You can practice the technique as often as you want to. Remember, Practice makes it easier. Let's get started. Simply click on the Daily Candy and relax. There are more tips on Cookies. Stress relief is available on Google Play Store.