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Business & Life Coaching

CorpCoach™, Centre for Corporate Coaching is a division of the International Psychology Centre in Malaysia which has pioneered psychological services across Malaysia since 1996. Business Coaching aims to help the client identify their role in accomplishing success in business. Our team of professional psychologists and counselors offers business coaching to individuals and organizations to improve various areas of performance at work. It is a recognized, ethical method where advice and support is offered from a third party perspective. 

Life Coaching is a form of change facilitation. It is reactive, flexible and allows for personal transition on an individual basis. It is about maximizing one’s abilities and enabling them to make decisions that improve their lifestyle. This covers every aspect of personal development including leadership, self-esteem and life-balance. It can even be linked with business coaching depending on the client’s focus. 


  • People Management 
  • Productivity
  • Leadership 
  • Goal Setting
  • Career Planning 
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Strategic Planning 
  • Motivation
  • Resource Management 
  • Stress Management