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Corporate Training Program

Corporate Psychology Training Program

A) Innovative Thinking and Creativity

  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Expanding Innovation and Creativity
  • Creativity and Business Problem Solving
  • Memory Boosting
  • Strategic Orientation & Information Seeking
  • Mind Mapping

B) Leadership and Change Management

  • Managing and Leading Change with Impact
  • Participatory Strategic Planning
  • Action Learning: How to Provide Solutions in Real Time
  • Becoming a Learning Organisation
  • How to Facilitate Groups with Impact
  • Motivating People in Today’s Workplace
  • How to Handle and Overcome Negativity in the Workplace
  • Visionary Leadership for the 21st Century
  • Mental Warrior
  • Developing Drive & Resilience in Organisation
  • Leadership & Executive Coaching

C) Breakthrough Management Skills

  • How to Build Motivated and Productive Work Teams
  • How to Handle Difficult Situations and Mange Anger
  • Improving Employees’ Performances –Correcting, Coaching and Counselling
  • Emotional Intelligence at Work
  • Effective Mentoring
  • Effective Interpersonal Skills
  • Strategic Planning for Action Oriented Managers
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Effective Conflict Management
  • Effective Management Style
  • Managing Difficult People

D) Corporate Mentalist

  • How to tell when someone is telling you a lie
  • Go inside the mind of the manipulator
  • Verbal content that suggests dishonesty
  • Non-verbal language indicating the person is trying to hide information
  • Detect unnatural tone of voice
  • See into the liar’s eyes
  • How to deal with someone lying to you in a way that protects yourself whilst not losing a potentially valuable business relationship
  • How to construct behaviour of potential business partners and team member

E) Psychology of Customer Service

  • How to Manage Staff Performance for Service Superiority
  • Using Customer Psychology to Gain a Competitive Edge in Customer Retention
  • How to handle Difficult Customers Successfully
  • Psychology of Phone Skills
  • How to Create a Superior Customer Service Culture

F) Performance & Productivity

  • Creating High Performance Organisation
  • Training Need Analysis / Identification
  • Developing speed reading skills
  • Motivation Enhancement
  • Developing Positive & Proactive Mental Attitude
  • Building Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem & Self-Image
  • How To Continuously Enhance Your Productivity

G) Professional Development

  • Discovering Your Potential and Preparing Yourself for Lifetime Employability
  • Develop Grace Under Pressure
  • Healthy Lifestyle: New Balances in Diet, Exercise and Managing Stress
  • Mastering Emotional Stability
  • Sharpening Your Organization Savvy
  • Image Grooming for The Corporate World

H) Corporate Security & Human Resource Management

  • Screening & Overcoming Alcohol & Drug Abuse
  • Dishonesty Detection & Management
  • Effective Attitude and Behavioural change
  • Managing Sexual Harassment
  • Handling Grievances & Discipline
  • Retrenchment & Retirement Management
  • Internal Affairs Investigation & Management
  • Training the Trainers
  • Pre Employment Interview Skills

I) Customer Psychology

  • Psychology of Effective Debt Collection
  • Psychology of Telephone Collection
  • Assessing Your Customers Effectively
  • Effective Sales Negotiation
  • Understanding the Psychology of Your Customers
  • Competitive Strategic Marketing
  • Strategic Persuasion Power

J) Company Day Package (Outdoor activities) Team building, motivational: & morale lifting

  • War Game
  • Safari Treasure Hunt
  • Cast Away Rescue
  • Night Spying Operation

K) Consulting Services & Organisation Wide Intervention Programmes

  • How to Develop a Customer –focused Service Process
  • How to Facilitate Large Scale Change Successfully
  • How to Maintain Employees” Commitment and Performance during Organisational Transition
  • How to Integrate Vision, Mission and Core Values and Put Them into Action at the Workplace
  • Personality Attitude & Aptitude Testing for Selection, Training and Career Development

L) Supporting Your Employees

  • Organizational Stress Management
  • Forming Support Group
  • Creating Conducive Working Environment
  • Employee Assistance Programme –Counselling Support for Work Related & Personal Issues
  • Counselling Skills at the Workplace
  • Retirement Preparation & Management


Competency-Based Training

At PsycorpTM, we provide a comprehensive training package which include specific skills and knowledge gap analyzing and identification, facilitation and training delivery, post training evaluation and consultation so that the programme will demonstrate what specific learning objectives need to be achieved and guarantee that they are actually achieved. PsycorpTM offers free post training evaluation consultation and retraining for in the event that any learning objective has not been met as part of our pledge to guarantee total quality service to our clients. We believe that as corporate psychologists, consultants and trainers, we have a responsibility to produce objective results – and we do.

All our programmes are based on principles of adult learning. Adults progress best when they are actively involved in their own learning so you won’t be subjected to a boring, daylong lecture. Instead, they’ll be challenged, provoked and entertained by exercises, case studies and small-group discussion that “teach” by leading trainees to logical conclusions. These breakthroughs “ahas!’ galvanize adults into action.

Professional Presentation and Programme Materials

They will experience a thoroughly professional programme, and receive a workbook and certificate of completion, as with all participants.

Follow-Up After Your Programme

Your training Corporate Psychologist consultant will provide you with valuable feedback after the programme in the form of a summary of participation evaluations to help you measure your programme’s success. Post training consultation is also offered to ensure that learning objectives learned are applied successfully. Graduates completing programmes in PsycorpTM’s corporate or individual development profile are eligible to become associate member of the Division of Organizational Psychology of the Malaysian Psychotherapy Association.