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Blancpain Replica Watches "Blue Whirlwind" Tourbillon Minute Repeater Watch

Blancpain Replica Watches

Blancpain Replica Watches is a German watchmaker that is well-known for their unique skeletonized watches and intricate decorations. Blue Whirlwind Tourbillon Minute Repeater Watch is the latest product.

The Blancpain Replica Watches's masterpiece, a skeletonized tourbillon minute repeater, is based on a rare Patek Philippe CaliberRTO 27 PS manual winding movement.Replica Blancpain Watches The same caliber was also found in the stainless-steel Patek Philippe with referent number 3939, which was donated to 2011 Only Watch Auction and was the highest-sold item in the auction, having been sold for 1.4million euros.

Blancpain Replica Watches "Blue Whirlwind" Tourbillon Minute Repeater Watch

German watch manufacturer, Brand Watches, specializes in the reworking of vintage movements to create unique masterpieces with modern luxury. Georg Bartkowiak (partner responsible for sales and communications) claimed that this particular mechanism is between ten and twenty years old.

Over 15 months have been spent on the movement's skeletonization,Blancpain Replica Watches as well as other meticulous and precise horological work. The 336-part mechanism was completely modified in Blancpain Replica Watches's style: completely skeletonized, guilloche, and engraved by hand. To ensure the smooth operation of all the levers, the movement was disassembled and adjusted.

Blancpain Replica Watches Blue Whirlwind Tourbillon Minute Repeater Watch Dial Detail

Some modifications were needed to the fine guilloche of plates and bridges. They moved some of the original drilled holes by moving them less than one-twentieth millimeter away from their original locations. The original wheel at the back of the movement,Omega replica watches visible through the sapphire crystal case back, was replaced. To allow full visibility of the movement's inner beauty, the original tourbillon flywheel was replaced with a transparent glass one. The mysterious third wheel, which replaces the original tourbillon drive wheel in gold, can be found on the back of the case.



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