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Couple Therapy & Counseling



Couple therapy, relationship counseling and marriage counseling are interchangeable. The aim is to resolve and repair existing conflicts that partners cannot effectively handle themselves. It involves both partners sharing their thoughts with a trained counselor who can help regenerate feelings of intimacy and trust. Our counseling therapy programs help better understand your partner by providing different perspectives. In addition, it also allows strengthening of relationships by identifying areas of miscommunication. We also conduct objective tests to assess different aspects of a relationship such as compatibility and relationship satisfaction.  

Consultation for Couples: 

  • Marital & Couple conflicts
  • Stress, Grief, Shock and Trauma
  • Child rearing disagreements
  • Communication problems
  • Personality & habit issues
  • Financial conflicts
  • Premarital therapy
  • Marital growth & enrichment
  • Premarital consultation
  • Leisure activities conflict
  • Friends and social activities conflict
  • Role conflict
  • Spiritual beliefs conflict
  • Third party issues
  • Sexual and relationship dissatisfactions  
  • Personality changes
  • Self-esteem
  • Adjustment problems
  • Undesirable habits



  • Couple compatibility testing
  • Personality compatibility testing