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Certification in NLP

Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Endorsed by and leading towards Practitioner Membership of Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy and Malaysia Society for Complementary Medicine

This course is providing best practice Neuro-Linguistic Programming training for professional who have a passion for assisting individuals, regardless of age, gender, race and social class to achieve optimum mental health.

This NLP course will help you to:

1. Maintain your well-being disposition & ability to heal diseases

2. Tap into out innermost human nature to call forth the desired insight & wisdom deemed so necessary to handle professional and personal problems; in other words, intuition and inner healing power on call.

3. Build relationship & rapport; increase your persuasive skills; overcome effects of past negative experiences & change undesirable habits.

4. Stay focused on organizational & personal goals and channel energy to achieving them.

5. Feel confident in any environment or circumstances & with expectancy that the well-being will eventually prevail.

6. Know deep within that you will achieve optimum well-being.

What is included in the Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

  • Lecture
  • Tutorial
  • Group Clinical Supervision
  • Case review and assessment

Fees and Course Structure

Course Cost  RM 4,800 (Students are required to buy various recommended text books)
Course Time  3 Months
Prerequisite At least a Credit in SPM English or two years working experience at a related industry
Group Size  Group limited to 10 participants maximum only to optimize group dynamics

Training Topics

Certification in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

1) How Our Brain Codes Our Experience

  • Modalities and submodalities
  • Motivation strategies
  • Motivation in relation to value system

2) Goal Therapy

  • The ecology of achieving your outcome
  • Align with your identity, belief & value
  • How to change disempowering beliefs
  • SURRENDER – the key ingredient

3) Relationship Therapy

  • Managing conflict with the creative approach
  • Discover personality traits/style
  • Establishing rapport
  • Empowering anchor
  • Reframing for results
  • Thinking outside the box to bring about change in attitude and mindset

4) NLP for Paradigm Shift from Disease to Wellness

  • How to associate with positive and disassociate from negative experiences
  • To achieve win-win situation and synergistic outcome
  • How to remove fear and phobias
  • Choosing where to change, relating change to neurological level; change from inside out

5) The Power of Metaphors

  • Strategic negotiating skills; using hierarchy of ideas (chunking)
  • Turning words into outcomes
  • Turning grammar to enhance positive actions

6) What do you REALLY want?

  •  Creating and aligning your life purpose/identity with your goal, vision and mission

Course Layout

We use the mastery system of education. Besides lecturing, this course provides clinical experience such as: research, tutorial, case study, supervision & presentation. Assessment includes case study presentations, reviews and presentation, group participation, research paper and assignments.

The duration for the course is about 3 months. Our course is structured as 2 intensive workshop with six group clinical supervision & oral/written case presentation for the assessment.

Equipment & venue

Below are the equipment used:

  • Psychometric Instruments
  • Audio Resources
  • White board
  • Notes/ books

Venue: International Psychology Centre, Kuala Lumpur

Teaching Faculty

Dr. WengLok Chan *FMAPsy., FMCBTA., FECARE.*

D.Phil.(Psy), M.Sc.(Learning), B.Sc(Psy)(Hons),

Dip(Corporate Psychology), Dip(Hypnotherapy)

CSAC(Certified Substance Abuse Counselor), Cert(CBT)

NLP Pr., Cert(MBTI), Cert(Baron EQi), Cert(Firo B), Cert(NRSII)

Principal Consultant Psychologist

Principal Consultant Psychologist, Corporate Psychologist and Certified Master Trainer.

Dr. Edward Chan is the principal consultant psychologist and coach of the International Psychology Centre (IPC) (www.psychology.com.my). He has been conducting Stress Management, Change Management, Motivation, Smoking Cessation, Work Life Balance assessment, crisis management, post traumatic stress intervention and related psychological assessment, coaching, psychotherapy and training for organizations, corporate personnel, individuals, families and couples for the past 14 years in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and in the U.K. He has consulted for international employees assistance services provider including Warren Shappel, EAP Int., Personal Performance Consultants UK Ltd. (PPC) and SAIC Overseas Assistance Program.

Professional Qualification:

Dr. Edward gained his Bachelor of Science Honours degree in psychology from Middlesex University, his Masters in Learning from the University of Lancaster, UK and his Doctorate in Psychology from the Intercultural Open University, the Netherlands, Diploma in Corporate Psychology from the Austin Centres of Corporate Psychology & Hypnotherapy, UK, Dr. Edward is also a certified mediator by the Academy of Family Mediators, USA; a certified practitioner in Advanced Hypnotherapy and certified NLP practitioner endorsed by the American Board of NLP practitioners and certified Master Trainer by the New York Institute of Certified Master Trainers. Dr. Edward spent three years at the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, UK, during the course of his Doctoral research developing his critical ideas on applied psychology.

Professional Affiliations:

Dr. Edward is a fellow of the Malaysian Psychotherapy Association; fellow of the Malaysian Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Association; a full member of the division of the Organizational Psychology of the Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy; a Board member of the World Council of Psychotherapy; a Board member of the International Society for Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry Theories, Researches & Clinical Practices; the Chair of the Asian Pacific Rim International Counselling & Psychotherapy Conference 2013; the Chief Editor of the International Journal of Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry: Theory, Research & Clinical Practice; a Corporate Member of the International Employees Assistance Professionals Association; a full Member of the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management; Chartered member of the International Coaching Federation (Malaysian Chapter); a practitioner member of the Coaching and Psychotherapy Chapter of the Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine and a full member of the International Association of Facilitators.

Professional Industrial Experience:

At IPC (www.psychology.com.my), Dr. Edward heads the Business and Life Coaching Divisions as well as PsyCorp™, Centre for Corporate Psychology, with a team of professional consultants comprising of wellness coaches, organizational, occupational, industrial, counseling and clinical psychologists. His clients at PsyCorp™, included British Petroleum (M) Bhd., Conico, Caltex Oil, Malaysian Shipyard Enginnering (MSE), Mayduct Technology, City Link Express, Kentz Mepc, British American Tobacco, Samsung Corning (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Yeoh Hap Seng, WRP Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd., DHL (Asia Pacific Information Services Sdn. Bhd.), American Express, Suria KLCC, Amico Chemicals (M) Sdn. Bhd., Flexsys Chemical (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd., Vistage International and FPG.

In his consultation, facilitation and training on conflict management and other organizational behaviour specialized modules Dr. Edward employs techniques from his direct psychological clinical practices and utilizes information from a wealth of validated psychometric assessments at his disposal.

Dr. Edward has also lectured at numerous Universities, including Newport University, University Malaya, National University of Malaysia and was an invited speaker at many international conferences including the 2008 World Psychotherapy Conference, Beijing, the Asian Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Conference, Bangkok and the 2011 Asian Pacific International Counselling Conference, Hong Kong.

Professional Publications:

Dr. Edward has also published widely in academic proceedings of numerous academic conferences, for example, Current Research & Practices on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in Asia, International Journal of Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry: Theory, Research and Clinical Practice as well as in International and National newspaper including the Asian Wall Street Journal, the Edge, New Straits Time, the Star and journals such as: Malaysian Medical Tribune, Voice of Coaching, Malaysian Business, CIMA as well as being a well-known radio and television personality on conflict management and related relationship and corporate psychology topics. Dr. Edward has also authored several books on these topics including the critically acclaimed Dancing with Crocodiles, where exposed innovative conflict management principles for the corporate world.