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Certification in Stress Management

Certification in Stress Management (endorsed by Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy (MAP) and Psychotherapy Chapter of Malaysia Society for Complementary Medicine)

This course is providing best-practice Stress Management training for professionals who have a passion for assisting individuals, regardless of age, gender, race and social class to achieve optimum mental health.

What is included in the Stress Management

  • Lecture
  • Tutorial
  • Clinical Supervision
  • Case review and assessment

Fees and Course Structure

Course Cost  RM 4,800 (Students are required to buy various recommended text books)
Course Time  3 Months
Prerequisite At least a Credit in SPM English or two years working experience at a related industry
Group Size  Group limited to 10 participants maximum only to optimize group dynamics

Training Topics

Certification in Stress Management

1)Identifying and managing the different types of stressors

  • Environmental stressor
  • Interpersonal stressor
  • Bureaucratic and structural stressor

2) Identifying and managing the different costs of stress

  • Personal cost of stress
  • Social and interpersonal cost of stress
  • Professional cost of stress

3) Applying stress coping methods to manage stress

  • Skills development stress coping methods
  • Diversion stress coping methods
  • Stressor removal coping methods
  • Stress neutralization coping methods

4) The support system

  • Formal support system against stress
  • Informal support system against organization stress
  • Identifying and building on existing formal support system against stress
  • Identifying and enhancing on existing informal support system against stress

Course Layout

We use the mastery system of education. Besides lecturing, this course provides clinical experience such as: research, case study, supervision & presentation. Assessment includes case study presentations, group participation, research paper and assignments.

The topics mentioned above are taught within seven sessions. Between the sixth and seventh session, a period of approximately 1 month of clinical supervision & research is implemented outside of classroom. During this period, students will be given assignments and projects to do.

Equipment & venue

Below are the equipment used:

  • Psychometric Instruments
  • Audio Resources
  • White board
  • Notes/ books

Venue: International Psychology Centre, Kuala Lumpur.

Teaching Faculty



MSc.(Learning)(Lancaster), D.Phil.(Psy), (IOU)

CSAC (Hawaii, International Certification & Reciprocacy Consortium) (Reg. No. M906-98)

Principal Consultant Psychologist, Executive & Life Coach and Certified Master Trainer

Dr Chan is a fellow of the Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy; a fellow of the Malaysian Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Association; a practitioner member of the division of Organisational Psychology, the division of Adult Psychotherapy; the division of Couple and Marital Therapy; and the division of Child Psychology & Therapy of the Malaysian Association of Psychotherapy; a Member of the International Employees Assistance Professionals Association; a Member of the Malaysian Institute of Human Resource Management; Charter member of the International Coaching Federation (Malaysian Chapter); a member of the International Association of Facilitators and a member of the Malaysian Society for Training and Development.

Dr Chan is also a regular contributor to national newspaper and professional journals as well as a well-known radio and television personality on psychology and relationship issues, Dr. Chan has also authored several books on these topics including the critically acclaimed Love Is Never Enough : Pleasurable Commitment Rules on Couple Psychology, Are You Man Enough To Be a Father on Child Psychology and the “Dancing with Crocodiles” on corporate psychology and Current Research and Practitioner Cognitive Behavior Therapy in Asia.