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Certification Course

Certification Course FAQ

1. How do I join the certification course if I am outstation?

We would recommend having an online video course through Zoom. Online Zoom sessions can be done in 2 weeks and there are no extra changes for online courses as it is included in the course fees.

2. What is the course structure?

The certification course includes 2 monthly half day lectures and weekly 1 hour group clinical supervision held on Friday 3-4pm or Saturday 11am-12pm for 3 months.

3. Are there any pre-requisites required to participate in the certification course?

No. There are no pre-requisites required to participate in the certification course. However, we do recommend taking the certification courses level by level.

4. How can I apply for the course?

You can contact the International Psychology Centre at 03-2727 7434 for any assistance in application, or reach out to us through email at  info@psychology.com.my for the application form.

5. How frequent are the intake for the courses?

We have course intakes every month. Kindly email us at  info@psychology.com.my

6. Are the certificates obtained from certification courses internationally recognized?

Yes. The certification courses are accredited by the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP).

7. How can I get more information on the certification courses?

You can look through the course outline on the IPC website, or you can email us at infor@psychology.com.my for the course outline.

8. How much do the certification courses cost?

RM 4,800 (Students are required to buy various recommended text books.

9. Is there any age limit to participate in the certification courses?

No. There are no specific age limit for the certification courses.

10. Are the certification courses on a full time basis?

No. Students who are interest in the certification courses have an option to choose to have a full time or part time course.

11. How many students will there be in each certification course?

Each group is limited to 8 participants in order to optimize group dynamics.

12. Do this certs also acknowledge by Malaysia Goverment bodies (for work purpose)?

Yes, the Malaysian Association for Psychotherapy; the Malaysian Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Association; the Federation of Complementary & Natural Medical Associations, Malaysia appointed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia as one of the designated practitioner body.

13. After completion of this course can practice as a counsellor or have to further studies to diploma and degree level?

Yes you can practice without the said by obtaining your general practicing license with 3 certification courses.

14. For the 3 cert courses do i have to go through all levels 1 - 4 at least each to be given the license to practice?

No, not necessarily so but it is recommended you do the lower level course before or at same time as the higher level courses to ensure you have the prerequisite knowledge and clinical skills.

15. If I wish to obtain more than 3 certs, lets say 5, is it an additional advantage in terms of level, hiriechy or opportunity for me as a practitioner?

After obtaining your General Practicing License with 3 certs, you can acquire 2 further level 3 or above courses to get Board-Certification as a practitioner with a Specialist Board. Please refer to MAP website for listing of speciality boards: http://www.malaysianpsychotherapy.net/ 

You can get single/double/triple Professional Board Certifications in different specialised boards eg Child Psychology Board, Adult Psychology Board etc

16. Is adult, adolescent and child phsychotheraphy courses similar in terms of the materials ann studies?

No, these courses focus on clinical knowledge and skills on different treatment populations.