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Children Dyslexia Treatment and Assessment

Dyslexia Treatment for children consists of using educational psychology methods and tools as part of a the Dyslexia Therapeutic Programme to enhance Your Child's ability to read. Psychiatric Medicines usually aren't used to treat dyslexia but Dyslexia Nutritional supplements and Dyslexia laboratory diagnostic tests can be important adjuncts to the Dyslexia Intervention programme

The earlier dyslexia is recognized, assessed and treated, the better. Starting Dyslexia treatment when a child is young can improve reading and may even prevent reading problems in the first years of school.

When a child has been diagnosed with dyslexia by professonal educational psychologists, the education ministry requires that special assistance be given to meet the child's needs. The first step in getting the help that your child need is to make an appointment with dyslexia experts and educational psychologists for dyslexia assessment and diagnosis.