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Employee Assistant Program

The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) A Total Solution for Your Organization’s Problems

Responding to the above dire problems facing our corporate workforce, PsyCorp has pioneered a special programme in Malaysia called the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). The EAP is a tailored package for corporations to care for their employee's needs. The services include stress management, therapy for depression and anxiety, conflict management and substance abuse counselling. The centre's psychologists are here to assist and mediate problems to ensure a constructive perspective of the problem can emerge to allow the employees to change to be more successful.

Research shows that companies with an effective Employee Assistance Programme can save considerably on health care, reduce absenteeism and productivity.

  • A 1988 McDonnell Douglas research study showed that an employee assistance programme can average a 3-to-1 return on the dollar, and could even pay-off at a 13 to 1 return when the employee was refereed to the EAP for poor job performance.
  • Employees using an EAP have fewer absences and medical claims.
  • Employees using an EAP tend to remain longer with their companies.
  • Statistics show that EAP increases one's morale and company loyalty leading to increased productivity and less company restructuring, as well as less loss incurred through recruitment and retraining.
  • The EAP can help your company comply with recent government policies for a drug and alcohol free environment.

Your Work Force Is Your Greatest

No matter how approachable your Personal Department is, sometimes your staff will find it difficult to ask for help. They worry about being labelled as a problem worker, and about confidentiality. With the EAP, you and your employees have access to psychologists who will listen and work with you on your particular problems with empathy and in total confidentiality assured. A happy and satisfied employee is the best possible work force for any employer to have. Retaining efficient employees also save huge costs spent on retaining a new work force.

Why PsyCorp’s EAP is Beneficial For Your Company

We are the pioneer in providing psychology services and employee assistance programmes for corporate clients in Malaysia. Our Employee Assistance Programme provides your staff access to professionally trained psychologists who will assess their issues and provides the necessary consultation. An individual pin number will be allocated to each employee in the programme to guarantee full confidentiality. This would ensure that:

  • Employee would feel at ease to call upon the centre for assistance.
  • Any possible barriers limiting employees from seeking the help they need will be minimized.
  • Employees would be more willing to talk about their problems.
  • Data collected from one-to-one sessions would remain private and confidential, so that employee will feel at ease to participate in the programme.
  • Management will receive a general statistical report from us with a breakdown of the number and type of cases we have conducted so that it can be assured that employees receive the help and support they need to optimize their performance and productivity.
  • Management will receive recommendations on steps to reduce employees’ risk behaviour.

EAP is at the Forefront of Corporate Motivation!

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is a concept that is relatively new to the Asia- Pacific region. Most US Fortune 500 companies provide EAP services to their workforce as an integral component of their health benefit package. Many companies in neighbouring Singapore and Australia already include EAP as a health benefit to their workforce because they realise their employees' work potentials. PsyCorp is the pioneer in offering EAP services in Malaysia. PsyCorp’s EAP offers a variety of options to better suit your company's needs: including: corporate options, family options and inhouse options. Other value added benefits included in the EAP package are stress management & motivation workshops, occupational, personality, attitude and aptitude testing, management trouble shooting workshop, organisational stress fitness audit, and professional skills development workshop.

Emotional Health and Corporate Growth

Good emotional and psychological health is essential to our daily functioning. To assist your organisation and your employees in professional and personal growth and stress management, PsyCorp, the Corporate Psychology division of the Malaysian Psychology Centre (MPC) provides access to a team of professional and experienced psychologist to offer you a comprehensive range of emotional health and risk management services.

Services include:

  • Workplace Counselling
  • Work Supervision
  • Organizational & Personal Stress Audit
  • Personal & Corporate Development Profiling & Training
  • Personality, Working Style, employeeorganisation fit and Aptitude , Attitude and Interest Test

Issues Covered Include :

  • Marital or relationship concerns
  • Family issues
  • Personal and emotional concerns
  • Stress (including work-related)
  • Alcohol and drug issues
  • Childcare behavioural issues
  • Productivity

Objectives of Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Organizations can include EAP as a component of their health benefits package. EAP services aim to:

  • Increase the effectiveness of the organization or group, particularly during periods of change and development.
  • Improve the job satisfaction and productivity of the individual.
  • Provide advice and assistance with improving interpersonal relationships, groups and group work processes.
  • Provide advice and assistance to organizations and individuals on retirement, redundancy and employment practices.
  • Assist with fostering positive industrial relations.
  • Assist with appraisal and training through properly researched training needs analyses.
  • Provide expert advice on stress management, identifying sources of stress as well as personal and organizational methods of prevention and management.

This benefit can help organization to save substantial cost in terms of reduction of recruitment cost, retraining cost, medical cost and absenteeism.

PsyCorp’s EAP include:

  • Direct access to a corporate psychologist who will make an appointment for a confidential face-to-face consultation with the employee.
  • A full confidential psychological assessment and a range of therapeutic interventions as required.
  • Work with the employee to resolve the difficulty and reduce the risk of a similar problem occurring again.
  • Mediation service in the event of a dispute between employees, or employee and company.
  • Monitoring of company sickness records and training needs analysis based on any trends that arise.
  • Consultation on emotional, attitudinal and behavioral problems affecting work.