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FAQ Psychology, Counselling services

What is counselling/ psychotherapy services?

Counselling/ psychotherapy is the process of receiving help from a trained and experienced counselor/psychologist. A counselor/psychologist will help you identify and work through particular issues that you are facing. We can help you break down big problems and develop long-term personal and relationship skills

Counselling/ psychotherapy can arouse strong emotions particularly if an issue has not been addressed for a long time. Please remember that this is part of the healing process. You will also experience a sense of relief at having spoken about and thought through a problem.


How do I know if I / someone need counseling/psychotherapy services?

You can often tell if someone close to you isn’t coping with a situation. At the same time, it’s easy to tell yourself you’re coping just fine, even if you’re not!

Counselling/ Psychotherapy can help if you:

  • are unsure how to deal with an issue
  • feel there is no one to talk to
  • want some help in making a difficult decision
  • you have tried to deal with an issue alone but haven’t succeeded.


What types of people see counsellors / Psychologist?

  • People who see counsellors includes:
  • Those with long term mental health issues
  • Those with unexpected difficulties or concerns
  • People who want to learn skills which will help them deal with challenging situations
  • People who have difficulty speaking to family and friends about issues they are facing.


What will the counsellor/ Psychologist do?

  • listen to you
  • provide advice and information
  • discuss what the counseling or therapy will involve
  • ensure that you are comfortable speaking with them. If you are not comfortable speaking with a particular counselor you can ask to speak to someone else. You can also request a male or female counsellor, counsellor of particular race or religion.
  • Treat you with respect regardless of your background
  • Be clear about how they can help you
  • Give you information about confidentiality


How long will counselling/ Psychotherapy take?

The number of sessions you have with a counselor/ psychotherapist will vary dependant on the type of issue and your own needs. Normally sessions will range from 6- 12 times in a period of 3-4 months.


Is counseling/ Psychotherapy confidential?

Counselors/ psychologist cannot discuss your situation or pass on any information given by you to your family, friends, government authority unless you have given permission in writing.

Seeking counseling will not bring harm to yourself or your family. Nor will it jeopardize your future career, current job studies.